Real Time by Kathleen Cristofaro

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Real Time by Kathleen Cristofaro

When I enlisted in our United States Air Force writing letters were my lifeline to “news” back home. For my BaBa, Grandmom, who was having eye issues, I bought a cheap cassette player and reported what I ate, how much laundry I did, how I made dinner (but it did not taste good), and how much I loved her. So today I do not own a cell phone nor do I want to. My younger friend has now put his cell phone away when we visit as he says “You are real time – you knock at my door or call me from a house phone. Turn off and tune in to laughter. I am a cute dinosaur and mail out cards and 5 page letters to friends who look forward to my contact in any form. I have the smile and the stamp to share. In my keepsake treasure box are letters from friends who are no longer here in the flesh but touching their pages is special as I realize they made time for me and that touches my heart like it was yesterday.

Source: Elder Chicks


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